FMG Recording Studios Services Below

Audio Recording
Audio Mixing
Audio Mastering

Instrumental Production

Music Video Production(Includes directing,editing)

Promotional Audio/Video Commercial production

Voiceover recordings
Engineers At FMG Recording Studios utilize  audio processors and equipment from the most saught after audio manafacturers such as Avid,Waves.universal audio,slate digital,akg.steinberg.rode and many more.With over 20 years combined experience recording,mixing and mastering songs from all genres ,Our goal is to bring every clients idea to life. 

Whether your the novice looking to start your first audio project or a seasoned professional, your ideas can be transformed into an industry standard audio project comparable to  records heard on the radio today.

FMG Recording studios also Specializes in voiceover recordings for commercial productions related to business promotion. Contact FMG Recording Studios and ask how we can assist creating your next business commercial!

In need of video promotion services for your new music or business? At FMG Recording Studios we can create every aspect of your ad campaign without the need to look any further!

Contact FMG Recording Studios today and let us be your one stop for all of your audio/video needs.